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Why rainwater harvesting?

In many regions of the world, clean drinking water is not always available and this is only possible with tremendous investment costs and expenditure. Rainwater is a free source and relatively clean and with proper treatment it can be even used as a potable water source. Rainwater harvesting saves high-quality drinking water sources and relieves the pressure on sewers and the environment by mitigating floods, soil erosions and replenishing groundwater levels. In addition, rainwater harvesting reduces the potable water consumption and consequently, the volume of generated wastewater.


Introduction for Rainwater harvesting

Harvesting Rainwater for saving drinking water has gained enormously in significance as a modern water saving sanitary technique. This can be used for private and public buildings as well as for many industrial areas. Beyond that rainwater harvesting plays an important role for the rainwater (stormwater) management of housing estates. Due to the storage (retention) and the usage of rainwater the water flowing off housing estates in both reduced and delayed. [read more...]


Rainwater Harvesting – A global issue matures

By Klaus W. König and Dietmar Sperfeld

The English term “Rainwater Harvesting” has been internationally widely accepted. Interestingly enough, the emphasis has not been on the utilisation of rainwater but on its harvesting. Harvesting means “crop” or “yield” and is a synonym for “gift of nature”. Therefore, it goes without saying that the harvested should be also utilised and every yield is preceded by its own activities. [read more]



Combined energy and water concept for          production and office building

Rainwater lowers the costs 

By Klaus W. König, fbr e.V 

The new head office of Hüttinger Elektronik in Freiburg was made ready for occupancy in the fall of 2006. In the spirit of the so-called "Freiburg Mix", the company will use well water and rainwater for its cooling processes. The company's drinking water charges will be reduced as well.                           Startet den Datei-Downloadread more]




Rainwater harvesting worldwide